SART Assists in Animal and Agricultural Emergencies

SART Assists in Animal and Agricultural Emergencies

As an agricultural sentinel state, Florida’ unique geographic position is vulnerable to pests, natural and man-made disasters. Hurricanes target the Sunshine state more than any other state, and the potential for natural and man-made disasters puts Florida agriculture at risk.

Since Hurricane Irma made landfall last month, at the total economic loss to agriculture is already estimated to be at more than $2 billion.

The Florida State Agricultural Response Team or SART is a group of government and private entities specifically created to coordinate the preparedness, response and recovery effort of animals and agriculture at the county, region and state level.

“Being a part of the SART network, allows Florida Farm Bureau to be more aware of situations that may negatively impact producers across the state,” said Scot Eubanks, assistant director of Agricultural Policy. “We work with industry partners during a natural disaster to overcome any obstacles. During Hurricane Irma we worked closely with SART to ensure 20 train cars transporting dairy feed arrived in Okeechobee County before the local supply was depleted,” added Eubanks

When a natural disaster strikes, thousands of residents, livestock and pets are looking for shelter. SART helps with feed and water shortages, mobile equipment, livestock trailers, sheltering supplies, temporary holding pens or animal rescues.

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