Economic Contributions of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Industries in Polk County, Florida Summary of Findings


  • Agriculture, natural resources and food industries are important contributors to Polk County economy
  • Extensive linkages between Ag producers, processing, distribution, allied inputs and services sectors.
  • Farmland is 45 percent of Polk County’s total land area, but declined over 100,000 acres since 2002, due to development, land conversion.
  • County has high rankings for Agriculture commodities in the state and U.S.
  • Agricultural sales growing slowly (increased 23% since 2002).
  • Citrus industry is dominant in Polk County, but threatened.
  • Strong growth in food manufacturing and distribution.
  • Large export base for farm and food products.
  • Employment: 86,023 jobs, 33% of county workforce.
  • Value added: $5.70 billion, 31% of GDP
  • Labor income: $3.44 billion.
  • Tax revenues: $1.33 billion overall, $280 million in sales taxes, $218 million local property taxes


Click to download 2015 Polk County Economic Impact Study (PDF)