Community of Hope

Community of Hope
The Aftermath of Irma

Farm Credit brings food to those in need in Labelle, FL following Hurricane Irma

Less than one month after Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas Gulf Coast, Floridians embraced for a catastrophe of their own.

Irma’s track led to a path of destruction that was a “worst case scenario” for Florida’s agriculture industry, leaving Florida’s farmers with a widespread destruction of crops, fencing and other property damage, flooded fields and unmarketable products.

Despite the significant loss, when Florida’s farm families are in need, no one is faster, more resilient or more helpful than the farming community.

Farm Credit, individually and through partnerships with other agricultural companies, has provided meals to more than 6,000 people in need affected by Hurricane Irma particularly in the southern part of the state which suffered the worst.

According to Farm Credit of Florida President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Cunningham, “Farm Credit was proud to join forces with other leaders in in the Florida Agricultural Industry to provide citizens of Belle Glade, Labelle and Lake Placid with a hot meal and a friendly smile during this time of hardship.”

But they didn’t stop there. More than 1,000 meals were provided to first responders, emergency service personnel and electric company lineman crews across the state in the wake of Hurricane Irma as well.

Cunningham said, “Providing meals for these hard working men and women is the least we can do to thank them for their service in our communities.”