Recent Survey Finds Farming at Top of Important Florida Industries

June 2021 FloridAgriculture eNewsletter

A recent survey, commissioned by Florida Ag Coalition, found that a sweeping 98% of Floridians consider farming and ranching important. This survey was conducted among registered voters across the state.

The consumer’s trust in Florida agriculture is stronger than ever before. Three in four respondents expressed a favorable viewpoint of Florida farmers. When asked of their approval of farmers’ efforts to keep stores supplied during the pandemic, 93% of voters agreed.

“It’s great to confirm that the public sees that agriculture is incredibly important to our state,” said Adam Basford, Director of State Legislative Affairs for Florida Farm Bureau Federation. “This year, Florida Farm Bureau and the entire Ag Coalition worked hard to help pass a Right to Farm Bill that protects Florida’s farms and ranches as well or better than any other state.  This survey shows that Florida voters think that agriculture is worth protecting and that they strongly support elected officials who do that.“

Additionally, the survey demonstrated strong support of Florida farmers’ contribution of a safe, wholesome food supply. Eighty-eight percent show appreciation of safe, wholesome and sustainable food produced by Florida farms. Eight in ten respondents also know the valuable role Florida farmers play in protecting the environment and natural resources.

The survey was conducted by the Tyson Group.