Act to Protect Property Rights

IMG_2278Farm Bureau members should seize the opportunity to take action in support of private property rights.

So said Doug Kruse, development officer for Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), last month. “This is probably the best time to be pushing hard,” he added. “Actions now could determine future government policy.”

In a presentation to the Florida farm Bureau State Board of Directors, Kruse contended that the previous Presidential administration moved to expand the power of executive agencies over private property rights.

Now the political situation has changed. “It is very clear that the new President is interested in property rights and is very interested in limiting government’s power over property rights,” he said. “There is a whole different environment and one that looks very good for this issue.”

Judicial appointments will reflect this change. Kruse cited the nomination and Senate confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court as an example.

PLF attorney Mark Miller agreed with Kruse’s assessment. President Trump “is appointing people who are of like minds,” Miller said. “They are people with common sense.”

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