Secure Your Farm

CATTLE+CAMFarm security is important for biosecurity, the safety of livestock and people, and reputation management. Securing your farm means you want to protect the safety of your animals, people on your property and your livelihood.

Good security measures include having proper lighting, motion detectors, security cameras and locks or key code access on gates and doors.

Farms can have several planned or unplanned visitors throughout the day. It is important to verify the identity of unexpected visitors and have a written protocol in place and review it with employees of the farm.

If you encounter any suspicious activity, be sure to report it to your local law enforcement and notify the Animal Agriculture Alliance. The Animal Agriculture Alliance is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the communication gap between farm and fork. It encourages farmers and ranchers to secure farms by preventing and planning for any situations that may endanger livestock or property.

Members of the Alliance have access to additional security information, sample forms, crisis management tips and alerts of suspicious activity throughout the country. For more information, contact Animal Agriculture Alliance at