National Hurricane Relief… The Disaster Continues

Ongoing state and federal efforts to secure relief funding for farmers and ranchers affected by Hurricane Michael continue to hit various roadblocks.

The Florida Legislature approaches the end of session with little to show for our Panhandle communities, and federal appropriators are halting an entire multi-billion dollar relief package over funding for the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

The inability for our lawmakers to act with a swift resolution on this critical issue is as nigh disastrous as the storm itself. But this does not dampen the resolve of Florida Farm Bureau to fight for our member families. Our farmers and ranchers are absolutely vital to the economy and wellbeing of this country, and it is past time for legislators to release aid packages at the state and federal levels.

In fact, American Farm Bureau released a Market Intel report capturing the total economic contribution by disaster-stricken congressional districts in 2018 and 2019 at $83.8 billion. It’s a telling figure and one that cannot be maintained if disaster relief is not employed soon by our state and federal legislators.

See the coalition letter, the issue brief, the FBAct Alert, and the AFBF Action Alert for more information and ways you can be involved in this ongoing battle for Florida’s farmers and ranchers.