Madison County Farm Bureau President Jeffery Hamrick

HamrickMadison County Farm Bureau (MCFB) President Jeffery Hamrick has always known one thing for certain, that he wanted to be a farmer. “Ever since I could remember, I knew that I wanted to farm,” Hamrick stated.

And a farmer he became! Hamrick is a fifth generation hay and cattle farmer in Madison County where he lives with his wife Liz and their three children, Lauren, Levi and Leslie.

Hamrick has served as the president of MCFB for over 10 years.  Hamrick also served as the chairman of the State Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Committee and on the State Board of Directors from 2008-2010.

Youth Ag-education is a top priority of Hamrick’s and there are several events throughout the year that encourage, engage and educate children about Florida agriculture.

MCFB sponsors a fun 1st grade poster contest to help elementary school students learn about farming and first graders are asked to draw a picture of a farm scene.

Third grade students in Madison County attend a 4-H Ecology Day where they learn about corn production and all of the interesting things that contain corn.

Every spring, county fourth graders participate in Youth Ag Day, an event held at the Madison County Central School and made possible by over 30 volunteers including local area farmers, the local sheriff’s department and other members of the community.

“The Youth Ag Day is something that I am very proud of,” Hamrick said. “The community involvement helps bring awareness of the importance of agriculture and how important it is to be a good neighbor.”

County fifth graders also participate in the fun with an essay contest. The topic of this essay was “Why is Agriculture Important to America?”

“At this level, the students have had more exposure to agriculture and the essay gives them an opportunity to enhance their writing skills,” Hamrick stated.

When asked for his recipe Hamrick replied, “You can’t beat a good steak! My favorite cut would have to be the ribeye.”

County Ag Facts
678 Farms
149, 029 Acres in Farmland
2,874 agriculture related jobs provided
$178.3 Million in revenue