CRC Proposals Negatively Impact Agriculture

A few weeks ago, we wrote in AgWatch about language proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) that threatens Florida’s “Right to Farm” law. The amendment, known as Proposal 23, introduces the “right to a clean and healthful environment” into the Constitution.

Florida Farm Bureau is extremely concerned that this dangerous language would completely undermine any protections farms have under the “Right to Farm” law and give anyone in the state, or even outside the state, the ability to sue a farm for any runoff, discharge, odor and more, even if the farm is permitted or operating under Best Management Practices.

This proposal has been discussed as part of a committee workshop, but no votes have been taken.  FFBF is working with other business groups to highlight the problems with this proposal and defeat it.

Additionally, just this week, a proposal mandating E-Verify cleared the CRC’s General Provisions Committee, following a variety of public comments including both support and opposition. The language in this proposal is similar to bills filed on mandatory E-Verify in previous legislative sessions.

This proposal has not been scheduled to be discussed again. However we expect it to be on an agenda either later this month or in January.  We are working to put together information about how implementing a mandatory E-Verify program without federal immigration reform would harm many agricultural employers.

Florida Farm Bureau is closely monitoring these provisions and working with the CRC to keep amendments that could be harmful to agriculture off of the November 2018 ballot. We will definitely continue to update you on the progress of these proposals over the coming weeks.


We invite all of you to join us again in Tallahassee, Jan. 29-30, for Florida Farm Bureau’s 2018 Legislative Days. Since, next year’s legislative session begins early, on Jan. 9, so we ask that you go ahead and take this opportunity to register your attendance before the holiday season. The 60-day session ends on March 9. We hope you will join us in Tallahassee on Jan. 29-30.