2022 Hill to the Field Updates

April 2022 FloridAgriculture eNewsletter

County Farm Bureau leaders and volunteers will have an opportunity to host federal legislators and legislative staff in their home districts this year.  The 2022 Hill to the Field Advocacy Week has been approved by the FFB Board of Directors and is targeted to take place beginning May 23-June 3,2022.

A cost-share program is also being offered to offset expenses incurred. Counties may submit receipts on directly related expenses associated with these in-district events. Examples may include catered meals, transport and mileage incurred by county Farm Bureau leaders in attendance. This reimbursement to county Farm Bureaus will be capped at $375. A link to the cost-share program is available here. The deadline for reimbursement requests is June 30, 2022. Please direct any questions or outreach to John Walt Boatright by email or phone.

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